The financial assistance formally turned over to Punong Barangay Josefa Cabayao, aims to support the implementation of a proposed program within the barangay. This allocation is part of the mayor’s annual initiative for all twelve barangays within the municipality, with the budget sourced from the 20% Municipal Development Fund. Punong Barangay Josefa Cabayao expressed gratitude for the generous allocation, emphasizing that it will be put to good use in implementing the proposed program. She also acknowledged the unwavering support of Mayor Manolet and the municipal government, highlighting their dedication to making a positive impact at the community level.

The release of the Barangay Assistance Fund to Barangay San Pablo not only signifies a significant investment in community development but also reflects a broader commitment to equitable growth across all barangays within the municipality. Mayor Manolet’s proactive approach to supporting local development initiatives further solidifies the municipality’s reputation as a place where residents’ needs are prioritized and addressed through tangible action.

As the program takes shape and is implemented, residents of Barangay San Pablo can look forward to a brighter and more prosperous future, knowing that their local government stands by them, providing the support and resources needed to foster positive change and development. Mayor Manolet’s sustained efforts in implementing impactful programs through the Barangay Assistance Fund exemplify a proactive and community-centric approach to governance, underscoring the municipality’s commitment to fostering a more prosperous and resilient future for all its constituents.