In a testament to its commitment to excellence in public service, the Office of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer underwent a rigorous assessment by the Regional Social Welfare and Development Office during the Annual Service Delivery Capacity and Competency Assessment. The assessment team, comprising dedicated individuals including Mr. John Piermont Montilla, Mr. Anilo Barrion, Miss Bai Robinson, and Miss Mia Cercado, were warmly welcomed by the ever-supportive Mayor, Hon. Manuel M. Escalante III.

In response to the assessment, the MSWDO expressed its gratitude for the opportunity to undergo such a comprehensive evaluation. The office reiterated its commitment to continually improving its service delivery and competence, striving to meet the ever-evolving needs of the community. The dedication of the MSWDO team was highlighted as a cornerstone in the successful execution of the office’s initiatives and programs.

As the MSWDO continues to strive for excellence in service delivery and competence, the municipality anticipates leveraging the assessment’s outcomes to further enhance its social welfare and development initiatives, solidifying its commitment to creating a supportive and nurturing environment for all its residents.