A heartwarming and impactful scene unfolded as Mayor Manolet, in collaboration with representatives from the Department of Agriculture and the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation, took a significant step towards supporting the local community. In a generous gesture, checks for assistance under the Livestock Indemnity Claims were distributed to beneficiaries who had reported losses and sought help from the Municipal Agriculture Office.

The distribution of checks to beneficiaries was marked by a strong sense of solidarity, as community members who have faced losses in their livestock expressed gratitude for the assistance. This initiative is not just about financial support; it embodies a deeper sense of compassion and unity within the community. The beneficiaries of the Livestock Indemnity Claims expressed their deep appreciation for the support they received. They view it as a lifeline, enabling them to recover from their losses and continue their livelihoods with renewed hope and determination.

The distribution of checks for Livestock Indemnity Claims is not just a financial transaction; it symbolizes a community’s unity and a government’s commitment to its people. Mayor Manolet and the collaborating agencies have shown that they stand firmly by their constituents, offering assistance when it’s needed most. This initiative is a testament to the resilience and strength of the community, as it continues to overcome challenges and work together towards a more prosperous future.