The Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO) took a significant step toward fostering gender responsiveness and inclusivity by conducting an orientation on the Gender-Responsive LGU (GERL) Assessment Tool in partnership with the Local Government Unit (LGU). The Gender-Responsive Program Assessment tool is an instrument designed to assess the extent to which programs are responsive to the needs and rights of women and girls. It provides program administrators, evaluators, agency monitors, and staff with the means to evaluate the gender responsiveness of initiatives. This tool is a valuable resource to obtain feedback that can be used to enhance the quality and impact of a program’s services.

Mam Cherry P. Lacida, the Municipal Local Government Operations Officer (MLGOO), was a significant presence at the orientation. Her commitment to gender-responsive governance further emphasizes the importance of the LGU’s role in fostering inclusivity and equal opportunities for all its residents. SB Mika Socorro Escalante, a member of the Sangguniang Bayan (SB), added depth to the discussion by representing the legislative branch. In doing so, she reinforced the crucial partnership between the executive and legislative branches of local government in working toward gender equality.

This initiative is a reflection of the global Sustainable Development Goals, which call for gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls. By integrating gender-responsive assessments into program evaluations, the LGU demonstrates its dedication to creating a more inclusive and equitable community for everyone.