In the spirit of unity and progress, the Municipal Development Council Meeting in Manapla brought together a diverse array of stakeholders, ranging from local government officials to representatives from civil society organizations. The event, held on 23rd of October 2023, was graced by the presence of Punong Barangays and their representatives, different Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Engineer Honey B. Fanuga, the SB Committee on Finance represented by SB Amor Aguilar, the Secretariat, and the Municipal Planning and Development Office (MPDO) Staff. The highlight of the meeting was the presentation of Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (LDRRM) Programs, Projects, and Activities (PPAs) by LDRRM Officer Mr. Joseph Cato and his dedicated team. Presiding over the meeting was the town’s Local Chief Executive, Mayor Manuel Escalante III.

The LDRRM PPAs presented were aimed at enhancing the town’s resilience to potential hazards and disasters. These initiatives cover a range of areas, from early warning systems to disaster response and recovery plans. The presentation highlighted the town’s commitment to protecting its residents and infrastructure while ensuring a coordinated and efficient response in times of crisis. The presence of Punong Barangays and their representatives, as leaders at the grassroots level, was a clear indication of their commitment to identifying and addressing the unique needs of their respective barangays within the larger municipal development context. Their insights and engagement in the meeting were invaluable for prioritizing local concerns. Civil Society Organizations also played a pivotal role in the meeting, underlining their dedication to working hand in hand with local government officials to effect positive change within the community. Their involvement speaks to the crucial role of civil society in driving community development projects.

Engineer Honey B. Fanuga and the SB Committee on Finance brought their technical and financial expertise to the table, ensuring that the proposed projects were both feasible and financially sustainable. Their contributions bolstered the council’s ability to turn ideas into concrete actions. Behind the scenes, the Secretariat and the MPDO Staff provided essential administrative support, making sure that the meeting ran smoothly and all records and documentation were properly managed.