A momentous occasion unfolded at Manapla National High School’s Senior High School department as the blessing and turnover of a newly constructed one-story, two-classroom building took place. Funded by the Special Education Fund, this initiative marked a significant leap forward in enhancing the educational infrastructure for the students.

The turn-over ceremony was graced by esteemed personalities, including SB Ceferina Amor, Mr. Narcisso Talledo, Mr. Aladin Rosal representing Mrs. Tamesis, along with school heads, coordinators, faculty, and staff from Manapla NHS Senior High School. The event also saw the presence of dedicated individuals from the Engineering Office, joined by Eng’r Gibete from Rockwillian Construction, all of whom played vital roles in making this project a reality. A key highlight of the ceremony was the blessing, gracefully conducted by Fr. Winly Guadalupe, the Parish Priest of St. Roch Church. His benediction not only sanctified the new infrastructure but also symbolized the community’s prayers for the success and prosperity of the educational endeavors housed within those walls.

The newly constructed classrooms represent more than just physical spaces; they embody a commitment to providing an enriched learning environment for the students. These facilities, made possible through collective efforts and the allocation of the Special Education Fund, stand as a testament to the dedication of the community and local authorities toward fostering quality education.